Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sand Ridge State Park, IL

Not in the LEAST way enamored by our quick trip across the country to get to our new fifth wheel, Nevan made a request to not drive another day without a hike in the woods.  

Wish granted.

 We found this cute little baby snake.
He was only about 7" long.
Coming from Arizona, I'm used to seeing rattlesnake behavior, and this little guy had it, so I took a guess on what it was.
Then I posted that photo to facebook and tagged my herp specialist friend, who correctly identified it as an Eastern Hognose.  Thank you, Gary!
 We did see lots of chipmunks, and squirrels, and I was the only one who saw the little fox run off across the trail ahead of us, but we did find this lovely feather.  
 We sure did love beautiful Sand Ridge State Park!

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