Thursday, August 16, 2012

Natural Bridges National Monument

We wanted to get started on the road as early as possible, so we opted for 
 Our goal: Monument Valley.  Our distraction:

 Meeka has such a peaceful, quiet way about her, that ordinarily, even wild animals don't run away from her. We frequently find her holding wild creatures, and she has a special affinity for lizards and snakes.  Strange as that might be for many other 7-year-old girls, for Meeka, it has always been a way of life.  When we had free-roaming chickens in the backyard, if we ever needed to catch them for any reason, Meeka could when no one else could even come close.  We could chase and chase chickens and not catch them, and then she would just walk up to them and pick them up.  It's as though animals sense her gentle way, her stillness within, her meekness, and know there is nothing to fear.

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