Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kalkaska RV Park & Campground

After leaving the RV dealership, we didn't have any reservations anywhere.  I called around and found a pull-thru space, but not in the area of Michigan that I wanted to be in to be a tourist from.  As I drove along, about an hour from where the park I had found was, I saw on the road sign that a town called Kalkaska was up ahead.  I quickly had Nevan google to see if there was a park there we could use.  The first park that came up was Kalkaska RV Park and Campground.  I called.  Yes, they had a pull-thru space.  I told them it was my first time ever driving my RV and I had never hooked up before, and was hoping theirs would be a great place to learn from. I was hoping they wouldn't view me as a burden.  When they seemed friendly over the phone, I took the space.  Our 4 nights here was really great.  The owners were pleasant and friendly and didn't seem perturbed by my questions and lack of know-how.  We loved the trails attached to the park, and the kids were constantly out running them in all directions.  Truly, the trails seemed endless, which is perfect for our little adventure seeking family.  The campground also had a pool, tether ball, clean bathrooms and showers, sandbox, playground, arcade room, little store, and my daughters must have poured a lot of quarters into their vending machines to obtain all of the little necklaces, rings, and bracelets that they came home with from the toy dispensers.  

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