Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rockwell Mound, Havana, IL

As we drove through Havana, I saw a tiny brown sign that said, "Rockwell Mound" and an arrow.  Remembering the ancient Native American mounds near St. Louis that I had passed quite a few times growing up, I thought this might be a nice little detour to show the kids.  I am always fascinated by all things Ancient Civ.

 I was just telling the kids how these ancient Native American mounds were likely burial grounds of important leaders, and trying to get them interested in it, as we were following the little arrowed brown signs on our way there.  Then we read the above plaque, which confirmed what I was saying.  I said, "WHO might have been an important leader of an ancient B.C. people here?"  They were quickly onto my line of thinking and offered that it was ancient Nephite leaders, and possibly even prophets.  I said, "This could be King Benjamin or Alma buried here!"

I found it interesting that Lincoln campaigned from this very mound.  I love all things Lincoln.
 As if to validate our conversation, wouldn't you know that the historical marker that was placed here was paid for by local members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!  We found that interesting.

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