Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rest stop.

This evening, as we were trying to make good time to get to Kansas City, we stopped for a little break at a rest stop in Kansas.  While there, I noticed an older couple tending a truck with it's hood open and a clearly overheated radiator.  I just couldn't leave.  So, I walked over and talked to this cute couple for a bit.  I keep a water jug, empty gas container, and jumper cables in the bed of the truck because, even though I am no mechanic, those are things I can capably help with.  Turns out this couple had water with them, too, so they didn't need it, but I did get to talking to them.  They had been in Denver this morning, too, visiting their grandkids.  We'd probably been following not many miles behind them all day.  They were nearly home, but their truck needed a break.  I offered to follow them into town, and had Mayzie bring over some snacks and drinking water, which they refused. They had kids nearby, they said, so if they had any troubles, they had help.  We visited for about 20 minutes, and I made them promise to just call me when they got home and let me know they made it safely, and that we could certainly come help if they needed it. As they drove away, I couldn't help but feel we'd become friends.  30 minutes later, my phone rang, and sure enough, it was that couple.  They'd made it home safely.  We were all very glad.

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  1. Because that's the way you are. And them! They were pretty self-sufficient, too! Nice.