Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Kalkaska Trout Monument.

All week long while staying in Kalkaska, we saw this trout statue.
It was just awesome.
And I really wanted a photo of it with the kids.
They... were reluctant.
We'd pass it and I'd say, "Let's get a picture with the trout!"
Triple nay.
"Okay, but I want to get one before we leave town!"
After passing it at least 10 times, I told them when we left for Sleeping Bear Dunes, that if it was light out when we got back, they were getting their photo and that's that.  Now, my policy is that if the kids really don't  want their photo put on facebook, I won't put it on facebook.  But there is no such agreement about the blog!


  1. I say everyone needs a picture of the trout! Its not everyday you see one quite so glamorous as this.

  2. They will laugh about how bad you wanted that picture in the years to come. :)