Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday in a branch.

Today we enjoyed church in the little Kalkaska Branch.  They didn't have a teacher for Mayzie because they don't usually have girls her age, I guess.  She was sent to Young Women's (4 months early), which made her feel quite grown up.  There was another family who had just moved in.  Combining Meeka with their son TRIPLED the number of children attending primary, as there was only one branch member child today.  I really enjoyed Relief Society, despite having to take a very noisy Archer out because he was enjoying the sound of his voice bouncing off of the small classroom's walls.  He was the only baby at church, so we were certainly noticed.  We were warmly welcomed and all were friendly and hopeful that we'd be here longer than we have planned and stay to attend mutual on Wednesday and church next week, but alas, I doubt we'll be here that long.  It was a beautiful church day.  In other news, it was only 44 degrees when we woke up.  Love this weather.

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