Thursday, August 30, 2012

Morning walk with Mayzie.

I promised the kids a night hike last yesterday.  Kalkaska RV Park and Campground has oodles of nature trails.  Mayzie felt she had discovered one that we had not yet seen and wanted to take us there to view the moon from a beautiful opening in the foliage.  Of course, we had the stroller with us, and it was up a sandy hill. The stroller was not making it, and we were all feeling a bit creeped out, so we turned back, promising that I would got with Mayzie for a first thing in the morning walk in the woods.

This morning I made good on that promise and Mayzie lead me all through the forest.  We had a wonderful time, saw a deer (we think-- it ran off pretty fast), and found bobcat prints crossing the trail in the sand.  It was marvelous.

 This is what Mayzie might look like if she had one long antler.
 We found some castoffs while out on our morning sojourn.
 Looking out onto Mayzie's special spot.  It really wasn't that much further from where we had given up the night before, but none of us were prepared to go as far as we had in the dark.  So glad we went back.  Sure wish we'd made it the extra little ways to see the moon the night before!
 Look at the size of those kitty paws next to Blossom's petite little Schnauzer feet!
I sure did enjoy my walk with my girl.  Love her so much!

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  1. Yikes! That bobcat could eat Blossom in one little bite! Crazy how big they are.