Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monument Valley

 The valley was very hazy, due, most likely, to the fires in California.

A little miracle:
We didn't have any cell service in Monument Valley anywhere.  
Not even in the resort/restaurant. 

No bars.  No bars.  No bars.  Not one.

When we arrived back at our truck in the parking lot, my cell phone miraculously rang.  It was Shane.  He had been trying to call all afternoon.  He was boarding his flight to Afghanistan.  

This was our goodbye call.  

We all got a chance to speak to him.  I cried, like I always do when he is flying back.  You would think it would get easier now that I've sent him there 8 times, but it just gets worse with each trip.  When we got off of the phone, I looked at it, and guess what:  no bars.  I couldn't make any phone calls or upload any photos.  And we didn't get any reception again until late that night when we arrived in Cortez, CO.  That phone call was a little thing that the Lord knew, for us, would be great big.  Our lives are full of just that sort of miracles, and I am grateful that the Lord keeps blessing us with them in abundance.


  1. You are doing such a good job on this blog! I really enjoy looking at it and it's going to be such a keepsake for all the children. Just think of them showing their children!

  2. Thanks, HanselMom! Link me up with your blog, and I'll follow yours, too :)


  3. Where is this restaurant? I want those blue fry bread. I have stories about rez dogs to share sometime.

    Thank you for sharing your miracle. Such a neat thing that God can get you a signal anywhere! I believe in miracles!