Friday, August 17, 2012

Monarch Pass

Monarch Pass was a mere 60 degrees 
at its 11,312 ft.
These are two 
 After a long trip up the mountain, it was
Blossom was happy to get out of the car, too.
 We chose to take the sky ride up the mountain.

 That swollen bit that looks like an Adam's Apple was  from my very first bee sting a few days earlier.
 Which way does Archer flow?
 Inside the building at the top, a line was drawn where the Continental Divide went through, as well as a compass to give us direction.

 Meeka looks like she has a secret.
 The house at the top was at an elevation 
of 12,000 ft., 700 feet above the bottom.
 This friendly man punched holes in the tickets, allowing us to go back down.  He said that his granddaughter calls his hole punch a circle maker.  I said that she was right!


  1. I love these except for the one that showed how high up you were!!!

  2. I just love that you include what the locals say as you post. You are friends to all--who wouldn't want a Kobialka crossing? Even the animals seem to be your friends.