Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last day living out of hotels. Finally.

 Last night we had a terrible time with our hotel registration.  I had made a reservation online, but for some reason it could not be found when I got there.  I had already paid for the room, so I was not ready to be refused.  I stood my ground and it took the young feller working behind the counter 45 minutes to get tech support to find my reservation so I could move my kids from my running car in the port au cocher to the beds we'd earned, by golly, from all that hiking and exploration that day.  In the end, he upgraded us to the biggest room he had, which was pretty nice, but I still didn't sleep.  Sleep is so unfashionable anyhow.  Who needs it?  It's just so preschool.  
This was our first time ever shopping in Meijer (pronounced Myer), which is the Michigan version of Walmart that feels classy and cool because it's not called Walmart.
 And this is my cuddly baby, cuddling up with a pillow on the back seat while he waited on me to load groceries in the car before putting him back in his car seat.  Dang, this kid is wonderful.  Love him so much.


  1. Archer is seriously so adorable! I love reading about your adventures, thanks for sharing!

  2. That last picture of Archer relaxing in the truck is my favorite. Jamie is right, he is seriously adorable!