Saturday, September 1, 2012

Michigan Renaissance Festival

We attend the Renaissance Festival in Arizona every year.  When we discovered that we were near the one here in Michigan, and knowing we would miss the AZ one this year, we decided to go.

The first highlight was the spider building a home on Nevan's finger.
 The second higlight was the live mermaid, which they don't have back home.
 And the rest was... not so incredible.  Certainly the environment felt much more appropriate for a Ren Faire, but they had far less to do, and far less family-friendly entertainment than what we are accustomed to.  Bleh. We were done after about 30 minutes, and wandered around for another hour or so before giving up and going home.

 Even the bungee trampoline was half the size of the one at home.  But still fun, no doubt.
 Mayzie got a little archery in.  Her favorite.

Then, just when we'd given up on there being any entertainment that was clean enough for families, we found Zoltan the Adequate, whose show was moderately clean, and just adequate.

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