Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Bare Naked Truth

I was asked on Sunday when our family is moving to Europe, so I guess there are some rumors flying about us.  Here is the bare naked truth to quell all nonsense.

TRUE: Hubby is returning to Afghanistan,  He leaves Sunday, August 12, which is a mere 12 days from now, for a 13-month tour.

TRUE: I will be dropping Hubby off at the airport, returning to Gilbert (Arizona) to teach my last Relief Society lesson, then hitting the road for Michigan with all four kiddos.

Why Michigan? As you may know, I totaled my car a few weeks ago.  Instead of replacing my car, I am buying a 5th-wheel trailer there.  I'll be picking it up and starting a loooong road trip with the kids to see North America.  I'm committed to do it for one semester, online schooling and road-schooling the kids while seeing the parts of this fine country that we haven't explored before, but am planning for an entire year of this craziness.  We shall see.  My kids have seen about half of the states already, we'd like to make it a complete set.

TRUE: I may be mad as a hatter.

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  1. Hi - full timing family in Michigan here. Currently the Traverse City area but moving around a bit. Our site is http://boyinks4adventure.com.

    Happy to help out with anything if you need it and our location allows it.